Enoturismo en el Parque Nacional de la Bahía de Cádiz con la Travesía Tío Pepe por el río Guadalete 1
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A Tío Pepe Boat Trip on the river Guadalete

A Tío Pepe Boat Trip on the river Guadalete

González Byass celebrates the route followed by the sherry casks along the River Guadalete, from the heart of the wineries in Jerez to the ships awaiting them at the Bay of Cadiz, to bring the wine overseas. This journey highlights the historical, cultural and environmental richness of this area, part of the Natural Park of the Bay of Cadiz.

The journey begins at El Puerto de Santa María: from there we will ply the waters of this river that, since ancient times, has been an excellent path to discover the riches hidden in the land of Cadiz. Sailing upriver, visitors can stop at some of the most relevant historic places connected to sherry wine, such as the archaeological site of Doña Blanca, the Salt Lakes of La Tapa or the wharf at El Portal.

With the waters of the Guadalete behind, the Bay of Cadiz shows a landscape dominated by the picturesque and distinctive outline of Cadiz city. From the sea, you can enjoy the same panoramic view watched by the English merchants who, in the nineteenth century, arrived daily at the port of Cadiz driven by the fame and interest aroused by the local sherry wines.

Today, 200 years later, sherry lovers can sail along the waters of Cadiz thanks to Tío Pepe, the winery that leads the international expansion of these wines gems, which currently live a new golden age worldwide.