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Rose season is officially here

Rose season is officially here

Rose season is officially here. Summer is here why dont we talk about Rose wine? few things maybe you dont know about rose.

Rosé is a type of wine that incorporates some of the color of grape skins, but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. It may be the oldest known type of wine, whose pink color can range from pale to vivid near-purple depending on the grape varietals and winemaking techniques used. The two most popular ways to produce rosé wine are skin contact and saignée.

They can be made all over the world.

Rosés are produced in places far and wide, including Spain, France, United States, Germany, Australia and more.

They can be bubbly or flat, super-dry or ultra-sweet.

Rosés can be made still, semi-sparkling or sparkling with a wide range of sweetness levels from bone-dry to very sweet.

Darker rosés “macerated” longer.

The longer the grape skins were left in contact with the juice, the more intense the color of the final wine.

Rosés go great with all kinds of food.

Want to change up your brunch routine? Swap out those bottomless Bloody Marys for a glass of rosé. How about something other than beer with fried chicken? The bright, refreshing taste of rosé is a great match for lots of delicious dishes.

Source Riversofwine.net