‘Wine terrorists’ flood french seaside town 1

‘Wine terrorists’ flood french seaside town

‘Wine terrorists’ flood french seaside town

The streets of Sète was submerged with wine on Tuesday evening as thousands of litres of quaff poured out five huge vats onto the Avenue Maréchal-Juin – the street that the wine merchant resides on.

The flood was at one point several inches deep and found its way into cellars, underground car parks and nearby apartment blocks, while the smell of wine filled the air for several blocks.

Firefighters were called to tackle the flood, and reports claim that it took them well over half an hour to get the street cleaned up.

Police declined to comment on the cause of the leak, but local press speculated that it was the work of saboteurs like the Comité d’Action Viticole (Wine Action Committee), who have been described as a ‘shadowy group of wine terrorists’ eager to take militant action to protect the local produce from imports of foreign wine.

The Telegraph claims “the group, which previously went under the name CRAV, has been active since 1970 in France’s biggest wine growing region, now called Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi- Pyrénées, where Sète is located”.

In the past they have been known to hijack tankers of foreign wine as well as dynamite government buildings and supermarkets.

The group’s leader, Jean Vialade, is known for his friendship with former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who is believed to have offered him $50million in military training to overthrow the French government.

Source Thedrinksbusiness.com