Vermouth La Copa by González Byass 1
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Vermouth La Copa by González Byass

Vermouth La Copa by González Byass

Vermouth La Copa by González Byass. The Jerez firm recovers the tradition of making vermouth from recipes dating back as old as 1896. This genuine Jerez vermouth symbolises the union of past and present. It’s made possible thanks to the perfect preservation of the original documents housed at the Historical Archives of the winery. This work enabled the recovery of the original label and brand, already in the market in the nineteenth century, for the design of the new González Byass vermouth.

In addition, “La Copa” was the iron used to mark the Marquis of Torresoto’s cattle and elegant three-blood (Anglo-Hispano-Arab) horses, further developed later by his youngest son, Fernando.

Vermouth La Copa is made out of noble Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez soleras of over 8 years. Together with a careful selection and combination of botanicals such as wormwood, savory, clove, orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, angelica and cinchona bark.

The rareness of the wine and its exotic herbs and spices lend a unique personality to this classic aperitif, at a time when “the Vermouth time” has become the trendiest ritual. Vermouth La Copa awakens a deep spicy scent full of subtle notes of cloves and cinnamon, superbly harmonised with the other spices. Smoothness and elegance are its main characteristics on the palate, with a slight bitter finish, reminiscent of its Jerez origins.

Vermouth La Copa can be purchased on the González Byass Online Shop